Wezens van de Andere Wereld (2018)

is a project made during the Pompgemaal residency in Den Helder. The work deals with the standing of a humpback whale on the Razende Bol sandbank in 2012. The whale stayed alive for several days and multiple organisations were fighting over how to deal with the stranded creature. This eventually let to national outcry from all sides on how to proceed.
The work that was based on these events was shown in two places; the old whaling church in Huisduinen and the Pompgemaal building.
In the church a model-ship was presented to juxtapose the existing 18th century model of a whaling vessel. A sound clip from the golden record that is attached to the Voyager 1 space probe was played. The clip is a recording of UN leaders greeting alien life mixed with the sounds of humpback whales.
In the Pompgemaal location people where asked to enter a blacked out space wearing fluorescent shoe covers. The space in completely empty apart from a moving head lamp in the lower part of the space. Slowly the lamp started to move and light the space in a frantic manner.

- This work was made possible with the generous support of the Mondriaan Fund.